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Jamie Newell is a performing songwriter who presents his songs in a variety of styles, ranging from traditional folk, blues, and spirituals, to rock, jazz, and world music.

Jamie shares a private moment with an admirer.

Over ten years ago I realized that producing my eclectic style of music in a way that would allow me to make it available to others, both live and on CD, would require the help of a generous patron. I soon also realized that I would have to be that patron. Having quit school when I was fifteen years old in order to play other people's music, I decided that I would go back to school. After many twists and turns, and several degrees later, I have now to completed my dissertation in history of religions and have earned my Ph.D.  I had never planned to take my academic pursuits this far, but I'm glad that I have (click here for more on my personal history and academic life)

You can now order my CD The Songs of Hafiz through Paypal. Thanks for your interest in my music, and for your continued support.


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